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Professional Edge Fishing, Inc. is a full-service marketing agency that represents many dynamic sport fishing brands, including several of the top professional anglers in the fishing world! We can help your brand reach and engage millions of grass roots fishermen and women around the globe. Professional Edge Fishing also works with many product manufacturers by developing custom marketing campaigns designed to connect these companies with more anglers and provide significant value.

At Professional Edge, We Work with Top Tournament Anglers, Organizations, and Manufacturers Seeking Our Experience within the Sport Fishing Market

For Professional Anglers and Organizations (media, charities, education programs etc.)

  • We connect brands with sponsorships and advertising opportunities, develop engaging social media platforms, and expand public relations initiatives to raise each brand's visibility, recognition, and revenues. With 10 years of experience in the sport fishing market, we know how to do it.
  • We work hand-in-hand with you to grow the brand. We begin with a cutting edge marketing plan that blends your unique persona with actions and activities that make sense for you and your fan base.
  • We match you with the best-fitting sponsors for your brand's personality, particular audience, demographic and regional area. We negotiate mutually beneficial contracts for new partnerships that maximize value for both you and the sponsor.
  • We use social media to engage, educate and entertain your followers while expanding your following. We stay current with the ever-changing social media tools and execute a measurable, continually improving social media program for you. Our brands lead their respective field with fan interactions and overall online impressions. The sport fishing market knows us for our effective and superior results.

For Manufacturers

  • We create custom marketing plans around your company's products, marketing strategies, sales goals, and budget. We listen, learn, and analyze your company and its products so that we can develop initiatives for achieving significant value and ROI on your company's investment. From offering simple solutions, to full scale integrated marketing communications plans, we can connect you with an important market of consumers within fishing.
  • If your company is seeking traction among sporting goods/fishing tackle retailers, we have been working directly with many large and small retailers for the past decade. We have a deep understanding for bringing new products to the marketplace, creating promotions for driving retail sales, and building retailer relationships.
  • We manage pro staff teams, contingency programs, events, and brand activation campaigns. Allow us to create and implement programs specifically designed to increase your company's brand recognition and lifetime customer base. Instead of just advertising to anglers, many companies partner with us in order to truly engage the customer through activation strategies, campaigns, and events. Let us find the right people and implement our custom activation initiatives to help drive long term sales for your company.
  • We align your company with the right personalities, organizations, events, and media within the sport fishing market. We know the sport fishing market well and can identify the right product advocates and advertising opportunities based on your products, target audience, and market demographics.
  • We keep our marketing fresh and current. We stay abreast of new channels of communications and the many new tools that appear each year. We look for ways to deploy these devices to keep you in touch with the market whichever trend or new craze they follow.

With 10 years of experience in launching products and growing brands, we bring the inspiration, excitement, and success needed to take your brand to the next level.


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Flambeau Outdoors has enjoyed the honor of working with Professional Edge Fishing and its extraordinary team of professionals. Professional Edge Fishing has gone above and beyond to dedicate itself to our partnership and embraced our brand goals with such a careful level of attention that it has essentially become an invaluable extension of our in-house team. From their marketing creativity to their networking prowess, what Professional Edge Fishing has made clear to us is that it undoubtedly provides their partnering brands is exactly what is built into their namesake—a professional edge in the fishing industry.

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Our Team

Becky Iaconelli


Carol Muracco

Accounting Manager

Charles Daugherty

Sales Manager

Paige Miller

Marketing Manager

James Reilley

Graphic Designer

Janet Griscom

Marketing & Sponsor Fulfillment

Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli is a fan-favorite professional angler that competes on the Bassmaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing circuits. Mike is the only angler to ever win the Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Angler of the Year title, and the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Championship. Mike also leads professional anglers with the longest active streak of Bassmaster Classic qualifications with sixteen consecutive Classic appearances. In addition to competing at the top level of professional bass fishing, Mike is driven to grow the sport of fishing with his own entertainment, education, and charity organizations: The Bass University, Ike Live, Going Ike, and The Ike Foundation.

  • 2003 Bassmaster Classic World Champion
  • $3+ million in fishing tournament winnings
  • 531,331,058 total impressions (2015 Cox Report)
  • $15,940,552 total ad value (2015 Cox Report)
  • 442k social media followers (Largest and fastest growing social following of all active competing professional anglers)

John Crews

John Crews from Salem, Virginia, is the owner of Missile Baits, lure designer for SPRO, and a competitor on the Bassmaster Elite Series. John not only works at many fishing/ boating/outdoor shows a year as a pro angler, he also participates in many fishing industry business and trade events for his company Missile Baits.

  • 86k social media followers/likes/fans, plus 203k with Missile Baits social media accounts
  • 8-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier, 2-time Forrest Wood Cup qualifier
  • $1.1 million in career tournament winnings
  • 139.7 million impressions in 2015 (O'Sullivan Report)

Ish Monroe

Ish Monroe from Hughson, California, is a competitor on the Bassmaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing circuits. On years when the tournament schedule doesn't overlap, Ish even competes on the FLW Tour circuit. He is among the hardest working/ busiest top pros as he competes in more pro-level tournaments than nearly everyone and participates in as many events off the water as he can such as speaking at Bass Pro Shops' circuit of seminars, The Bass University, boat dealership seminars, etc.

  • 32k social media followers/likes/fans
  • Bassmaster Elite Series, Major League Fishing, and FLW Tour competitor
  • 10-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier, 3-time Forrest Wood Cup qualifier
  • 246 million impressions in 2015 (O'Sullivan Report)

Cliff Crochet

Cliff Crochet is a young, up-and- coming competitor on the Bassmaster Elite Series from Pierre Part Louisiana. Cliff's formerly served in his local police force and he lives a traditional country/hunting/fishing lifestyle that's easy for hard working heartland Americans to identify with. Cliff actively interacts with anglers and his fan base at many fishing events each year and with his social media outlets.

  • 36k social media followers/likes/fans
  • 2016 Bassmaster Central Open Winner on Atchafalaya Basin
  • 4-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier
  • 7th year on Bassmaster Elite Series

Ike Live

Ike Live is Mike Iaconelli's live streaming internet show and podcast, which features the top professional anglers and pro athletes such as Jim Miller, Trent Cole, Bryan Bickell, Willie Young, Brian Robison, and more. Ike Live streams a new live episode each month on ikelive.com and all episodes are archived on the website for unlimited viewing. Episodes may also be viewed on YouTube or downloaded as an Mp3 from iTunes and Stitcher. Episode duration is generally 3+ hours.

  • 19 episodes in 2016 averaged 30.8k views/ downloads per episode
  • 24 episodes in 2015 averaged 19k views/ downloads per episode

Going Ike

Mike Iaconelli's destination fishing series, "Going Ike" reveals thrilling footage captured while filming at epic fishing destinations, such as Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Italy, the swamps of Louisiana and more.  It puts a unique twist on the traditional fishing show by featuring new, game-changing fishing tactics and the stunning emotional moments of catching trophy fish.

The Ike Foundation

Established in 2014, The Ike Foundation is an IRS registered 501(c)3, nonprofit foundation focused on promoting the sport of fishing to America's youth and developing their appreciation of the outdoors and our country's natural resources. Each year, thousands of rods, reels, tackle boxes, and lures are donated to kids. The Ike Foundation also assists civic organizations, youth fishing organizations, and other charitable organizations in sponsoring events and functions which promote fishing to both inner city and rural youth. These events and functions teach young people about the sport of fishing, the ecology of the outdoors, and the responsibility each person has in order to maintain our planet's natural resources. ‘Ike's first-annual celebrity bass tournament' fundraiser was held in Philadelphia during August, 2016. In January, 2017, The Ike Foundation hosted a beef and beer fundraiser dinner for a new scholarship program for graduating high school seniors. Proceeds from the sold out dinner created five $1500 scholarship awards for the essay contest winners.

The Bass University

The Bass University provides advanced bass fishing education programs in the form of classes, on-water training, and online video training to bass fishermen from around the world. Instructors feature the top professional Bassmaster Elite Series, Major League Fishing, and FLW Tour anglers. The Bass University educates and engages thousands of anglers each year about the most cutting-edge tactics, tips, and products.

  • 1.1MM YouTube video views
  • 118k followers on social media
  • Online training students in 12 countries world-wide

Fishing Economics

  • There are approximately 60 million anglers in the U.S. of which 46 million are estimated to fish in a given year. That's 15.8 percent of the population over the age of 6 and more than twice as many people as attended every NFL game in 2014 combined. What's more, for every American who fishes, another wants to go fishing
  • Fishing is the 2nd most popular outdoor activity among adults
  • Anglers generate $48 billion in retail sales
  • Recreational fishing has a $115 billion impact on the U.S. economy
  • Since 2006, angler numbers grew 11 percent
  • Fishing tackle sales grew 16 percent in the past five years
  • 65 percent of American anglers fish in freshwater only; 20 percent fish in saltwater only; 15 percent fish in both fresh and saltwater
  • 85 percent of adult anglers fished as children — before the age of 12
  • Nearly 82 percent of fishing trips involve more than one person
  • Fishing tackle sales grew over 16 percent in the past five years
  • More than two thirds of young anglers (6-17 years old) say spending time with family and friends is their motivation to go fishing


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